Android Tips: cut textview to see ‘…’ (ellipsis)

Android tips: cut textview and add ellipsis

Single line

Add android:ellipsize=”end” in the properties of the texview.

If you want your text on one line, add android:singleLine=”true”.


  android:text="Text to cut because it is too long"

Multi lines

If your textview will be on 2 lines for example, add Continue reading


Fourteen, my new original game

Fourteen game icon

I am very proud to announce you my new game, Fourteen, just released on android. You can find the premium version here: and the free version here:

Fourteen is a new inventive game! Forget letters, you play with numbers now! :)

fourteen screenshotRules

You have 90 seconds to do 14 as many times as possible! Move your finger over the numbers to sum them and do 14.
Play with your friends

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More than 50 000 downloads for Alchemy War on Google Play

Alchemy War

Since Wednesday, you have been more than 50 000 players on Alchemy War! And this is only the number of installations from the Google playstore (you are many more with the other stores)! Thank you all!

Statistics – Analytics

Number of launchs on Alchemy WarTo celebrate, let me show you some statistics. Since the first version of Alchemy War:

- More than 114 500 fights against Killy (the first Enemy) have been played! Continue reading

Jewels Leather edition

Jewels leather edition, a new android game

I have just launched a new game on the Google Playstore, Jewels leather edition. You can find it here:

Android jewels gameMatch-3 puzzle game

Your mission is to win Jewels leather edition, pass the 6 levels and try to be the best in the world Continue reading

Alchemy war upgrade, more combinations and levels

Alchemy War upgrade (version 1.7)

A new upgrade of Alchemy war is available online. Alchemy War (Android playstore link).

New weapons

a new weapon

A new weapon in Alchemy War: the Musket

In this version, you have more items to discover. Now there are 111 items to find! Among these objects, you will be able to create new weapons: medieval and from the XVIIIth century weapons. Best alchimists will also create some fun stuff… ;)

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Alchemy War : more objects, ennemies and the “star” button

Alchemy War upgrade : version 1.1

Alchemy War version 1.1Alchemy War is a new game. You can see its presentation in this article. I have put it on the android market for 3 weeks (Achemy War on the market). Now it is time to deliver a big update.

Some new improvements Continue reading

Lottery Random Numbers

Random numbers for your favorite lotteries

Lottery random numbers logo

Lottery Random Numbers is a powerfull android application which is a real lottery numbers manager. I hope it can help you in winning money.

lottery random numbers menuRandom Numbers

By using it, you can generate random numbers for your country lottery. Unlike many others applications in the android market, Lottery random numbers suggests random numbers without special settings!

On the first screen, you can see the lotteries of your country. If you want to play a paticular lottery from an other country, you can choose it by clicking on the top blue buttons. Continue reading