Fourteen, multiplayer game on iOS

icon of FourteenLet’s play my first game on iPhone and iPad: Fourteen!

Forget letters, play with numbers now!!!

Addictive multiplayer game

Fourteen is a turn-based game. You have to make 14 as many times as possible by summing numbers. Slide your finger over digits to sum them.

Fourteen screenshot


Example: 6+4+3+1


  • ¬†First, you choose your player name.
  • To start a new game, select random or enter a friend name.
  • A game has 3 rounds: in each one, you have 90 seconds to find as many Fourteen as possible!
  • 4 different bonus are available to help you to set higher scores.
  • After the round, you can see all combinations of Fourteen you found and those of your opponent!
  • Unlock achievements with different records in the game
  • You can play your turn when you want (maximum 7 days).

Fourteen games list

Found combis in a fourteen game Fourteen game score

Play with your friends

  • Play with your friends.
  • Share your records on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Chat with other players.

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Test it! Play it!

Fourteen is cross-platform, play with your friends on android!

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