Fourteen, multiplayer game on iOS

icon of FourteenLet’s play my first game on iPhone and iPad: Fourteen!

Forget letters, play with numbers now!!!

Addictive multiplayer game

Fourteen is a turn-based game. You have to make 14 as many times as possible by summing numbers. Slide your finger over digits to sum them.

Fourteen screenshot


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Jewels Leather edition

Jewels leather edition, a new android game

I have just launched a new game on the Google Playstore, Jewels leather edition. You can find it here:

Android jewels gameMatch-3 puzzle game

Your mission is to win Jewels leather edition, pass the 6 levels and try to be the best in the world Continue reading

Lottery Random Numbers

Random numbers for your favorite lotteries

Lottery random numbers logo

Lottery Random Numbers is a powerfull android application which is a real lottery numbers manager. I hope it can help you in winning money.

lottery random numbers menuRandom Numbers

By using it, you can generate random numbers for your country lottery. Unlike many others applications in the android market, Lottery random numbers suggests random numbers without special settings!

On the first screen, you can see the lotteries of your country. If you want to play a paticular lottery from an other country, you can choose it by clicking on the top blue buttons. Continue reading