Alchemy war: 89 objects and the french translation

A new android version of my game Alchemy War was released : Alchemy war 1.4.

Some new features in this version:

Image phoenix

New item: phoenix


- Now you have 89 objects to discover,

- More combinaisons,

- French translation.


Thank you very much all for your supports. I will make new posts on Alchemy War, to let you see some of its statistics.

WakeUp Sun

42 thoughts on “Alchemy war: 89 objects and the french translation

  1. Hey man! I really like your game and im at level 130, but i’m messing around.. Cant have more than the axe as an attack, the raft as a defense… DO you have some tips or some combination for me? :) please

    • Hi Shanae,
      It is the game to try to find more and more combinaisons. If I give all the combinaisons, the game will be too easy ;-)
      I am developping a new feature on Alchemy war to know more things on objects (if you can do combinaisons with them for example).


  2. So, I ended up creating a spreadsheet to keep track of what elements I had, how I made them, what combinations they made and how many they could make. Three days later I’ve passed level 300 and have 87 elements.
    The problem – I’ve found all the combinations for all the elements I have except for 1 wood, 1 tools, and 2 for energy drink. But those don’t combine with each other (or themselves) except for wheel, which I already have.
    Is it possible some of the combination information numbers are wrong?

    In the ‘All’ list, I’m missing whatever comes between ‘bottle’ and ‘cowboy’, and what comes between ‘machine’ and ‘cotton bud’. And hints you could give me for these last two would be much appreciated!

    • Hi Vagonbrei, I am really impressed by what you have done!

      So I have checked and:
      - for wood, there are 15 combinations: but you can make craft with 2 differents combinations with wood and you can make arrow with 2 differents combinations with wood too.
      - for tools, there are 8 combinations (as you can see on the “star” button).
      - for energy drink, the number of combinations is 1 (as you can see on the “star” button). I don’t understand why you think they are 2 combinations with it, can you tell me?
      - Wheel is not the only one which can combine with itself (example: to make a book ;-) )
      - I made a mistake on my code: I didn’t put the combination to make the element between bottle and cowboy and for the one between machine and cotton bud. Fortunately, these 2 new elements have not combinations with other elements. I will add these combinations to make them in the next release.

      I will add more objects and more combinations really soon!

      Do you know they are more level than 300? :-)

      Thank you very much for your report!

      • No idea why I though energy drink had three combinations, and I had all of the ones under wood all along. Leather was the one I was missing under tools. So there are a total of 87 elements currently then? I guess I’ll just have to keep playing to find out how many levels. Thanks so much for the help!

        • Yes in this actual version (1.51) of Alchemy War, you have 87 elements to find. I am working on adding more elements and combinations.
          If you have idea for the game, that I can develop, don’t hesitate to suggest :-)

          I have just finished a new version of Explodon. Let me know what you think about!

  3. Flying cow + milk = energy drink (red bull)
    Wood + iron + = start = raw cow meat + fire = cooked meat
    Flying cow milk + = energy drink
    Bird / Duck + cow= flying cow
    Bird + water = Cannard
    Argil + stone = sandstone
    Cow+ sun = leather
    Water + paper = tree

  4. Can you add a list so people can see which combinations they already made. Because i make the same combos over and over.

    Ps, is the game on the computer?


  5. Please step up the save mode its kinda shitty to have to start many levels back plus it does bot let you save found elements before dying.

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